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Our mission has been to build a global educational platform where students and instructors from all parts of the world could converge and kindle an open exchange of knowledge. With Thompson University, we're pretty much there. But maintaining and improving our educational standards with such a massive student base is always a big challenge.

Accreditation FAQs

What is accreditation?

An accreditation helps to certify or validate an institution's status as a high performing university/college that offers academic programs adhering to global standards of quality. If a university is accredited, it means it has successfully managed to meet the requirements of international quality assurance agencies everywhere.

How do I find out if a university is accredited?

To find out if a university has attained international accreditation status, you can visit the university's website. There will be ample information about the accreditation agency responsible for conducting the accreditation process as well as the areas in which your chosen university has met the agency's requirements.

Why is having an accredited degree so important?

It is important to ensure that the university to which you are applying does possess international accreditation as this guarantees the acceptance of your degree in various organizations around the world.

Which accreditation agency has Thompson received its accreditation status from?

has attained its accreditation status from the Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency (DLQAA ) after in-depth evaluation through its unique patented accreditation process. has been evaluated on the DLQAA standards of the global best practices for education in Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance and has secured the DLQAA's Points Profile© - Registration Number Q-20879.

Are there different types of accreditation?

There are two basic types of educational accreditation, one is Regional Accreditation and the other is called International Accreditation. Regional accreditation normally applies to an entire country or region, and makes ones degree, diploma and certificate program acceptable in every part of that specific region. Although many regionally accredited degrees and programs are recognized and accepted internationally, for widening the spectrum of opportunities in the global market, people can also opt for International Accreditation. It typically covers a larger geographical area and a much greater number of countries.


Some of the world's most leading accreditation and education bodies have awarded us with memberships which have further cemented our effort to provide deserving students across the globe with high quality education that serves to develop and cultivate valuable skills and knowledge in tomorrow's professionals.

has acquired membership from the following organizations:

International business accreditation and regulatory commission (IBARC) is a business accreditation and regulatory body that is working to enhance the standards of education worldwide. It has a global operations, whereby it grants accreditation to business schools and institutions who are involved in providing education to the world.

Gulf Accreditation Council (GACC) is an international agency working to enhance the standards of education for working adults in the MENA region. It operates worldwide, granting educational accreditation upon evaluation to institutions involved in education for working adults.

The International Accreditation Board for Psychology Education (IABPE) is a world-renowned and highly reputed quality and standards organization responsible for assessing the performance of educational institutions around the globe.

NAAOE is an accreditation and regulatory body in North America that is dedicated to set, oversee, ensure and improve the higher education standards. NAAOE help educational institutes to maintain quality standards, based on which they are able to deliver superior education that is globally accepted and recognized.
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